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Chairman's Message:

Welcome to Lions Club of Hyderabad Sadhuram Eye Hospital

Brethren across the Globe, Ladies and Gentlemen,

Welcome you on to view this Website and give your feedback on the humanitarian work being carried out by the Lions Club of Hyderabad Sadhuram Eye Hospital. The Vedic adage declares “Sarvendriyanam Nayanam Pradhanam”,which means that out of all the senses possessed of by the human being the Eye is the most precious. With this avowed object of preserving sight the Lions Club of Hyderabad Sadhuram Eye Hospital is formed for rendering Charitable services to the poor & needy. I would therefore appeal to everyone to supplement and support the activities of Lions Club of Hyderabad Sadhuram Eye Hospital, so that we may all provide not only sight but also insight and foresight. I would whole heartedly request you all to make such donations as you could to user in a new dawn to the suffering sightless visually challenged millions of people especially in the Third World Countries.

Greetings and very Best regards.

Ln.B.S.Krishna Reddy

Chairman-Board of Governors

Lions Club of Hyderabad Sadhuram Eye Hospital

Mission and Vision:

The Vision & Mission of our Hospital is to see All India free of blindness, where every citizen enjoys the gift of sight and the visually challenged have enhanced quality of life as of right and To provide best-in-class, affordable, eye care services and adequate rehabilitation of the visually challenged.


More than Two Hundred Thousand (2 Lakhs) Surgeries are performed so far and it is proudly stated that 70% of Surgeries are performed on patients without charging any amount from them.


The Board of Governors is headed by (for the year 2016-2017)

Shri Krishna Reddy

Mobile: +91-9989262961
Shri Harish Shahani
Vice Chairman

Mobile: +91-9849018222
Shri Gurucharan Bhavnani

Mobile: +91-9949093359

Lions Club of Hyderabad Sadhuram Eye Hospital
Board of Directors for the year 2016 - 2017 :

S.no Name Designation
1. Ln.B.S. Krishna Reddy Chairman
2. Shri Harish Shahani Vice Chairman
3. Shri Gurucharan Bhavnani Secretary
4. Shri Mohandas Lalwani Member
5. Ln.Surendra Luniya Member
6. Shri Naraindas Lalwani Member
7. Ln.Dr. Pradeep Swarup Member
8. Shri Prakash Bolaki Member
9. Ln.Subhash Lohade Member
10. Ln.Dinesh R.Baldev Member
11. Ln.Suresh Jagnani Member
12. Shri Kapil Bulchand Member
13. Ln.Dr.A. Venkatachalam Technical Advisor
14. Ln.Dr.D. Santosh Kumar Technical Advisor
15. Shri Kishore H.Dayal Regular Invitee
16. Shri Jagdish Santdasani Regular Invitee
17. Shri Shyam Ramchandani Regular Invitee
18. Ln.Naresh Agarwal EX-Officio Member
19. Ln.P.S.P. Suresh Kumar EX-Officio Member
20. Ln.Madhusudhan Agarwal EX-Officio Member

Kalavati Sadhuram Alimchand Trust

S.no Name Designation
1. Shri Kishore H.Dayal Chairman
2. Shri Shyam Jumani Vice Chairman
3. Shri Kishore Chhabria Secretary
4. Shri Harish Shahani Joint Secretary
5. Shri Mohandas Lalwani Treasurer
6. Shri Gurucharan Bhavnani Trustee
7. Smt.Ganga Bhavnani Trustee
8. Shri Devidas Bolaki Trustee
9. Shri Naraindas Lalwani Trustee
10. Dr.Kanjiram Moorjani Trustee
11. Shri Ishwardas Kateja Trustee
12. Shri Kapil Bulchand Trustee
13. Shri Jagdish Santdasani Trustee
14. Shri Prakash Bolaki Trustee
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