Teaching Programme

It is gratifying to report that the National Board of Examinations, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India, New Delhi, has recognized this Hospital for DNB Programme. The Hon. Consultants who are among the distinguished teachers also give intensive training to all the students who are selected for the Post Graduate seat in our institute of Ophthalmology. Presently we have 5 DNB Candidates undergoing training.

PHACO & Small Incision Cataract Surgery Training

The number of surgeons performing Phaco emulsification surgery is steadily increasing. There is a great need to train our younger colleagues and students in this field. Therefore a regular Phaco Training Programme has been developed, where a qualified Ophthalmologist is extending training of Phaco Surgery.

Research Projects

Research Projects
We had been invited to participate in a Global Multi Centre Drug trial by Thiea Research Group of France and the drug trial commenced after fulfilling the various formalities. And we are proud to say that our efforts bore fruit and we stood 3rd in the country.

Our Doctors associated LCH-SEH is presenting research papers at State, National and International conferences, seminars etc. expanding the horizons of vision.

DNB Accreditation