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When there is purity of intention behind any purpose, an entire world can be conquered. One such vision is the driving force behind Kalavati Sadhuram Alimchand Trust (KSAT). The vision was the brainchild of Shri Sadhuram Alimchand, a successful entrepreneur with a flourishing business in West Indies. One day, he dreamt of a blind child painfully finding his way on an empty street. The image stirred something deep within him. He shared his dream with his wife, Smt Kalavati and in an instant their purpose in life became crystal clear. Their lives would henceforth be dedicated to the cause of the visually handicapped. Unfortunately, Mr. Sadhuram did not live long to fulfill his dream. But undaunted, Smt Kalavathi decided to breathe life into her husbandís extraordinary vision. After disposing some property, she, along with a group of like minded people formed the Kalavati Sadhuram Alimchand Trust (KSAT) in 1968 and invited Lions Club of Hyderabad to establish a charitable eye hospital as a joint venture, as Lions Club of Hyderabad had many service minded reputed Eye Surgeons in its fold.

Moreover, Lions Clubs have international reputation and are known for their philanthropic and self-less service & have adopted Madame Helen Keller as their role model.

Hence both the institutions joined hands to open Hyderabadís first professionally managed sophisticated specialty eye hospital in the year 1974 under the name & style of

"Lions Club of Hyderabad Sadhuram Eye Hospital"

DNB Accreditation

Working Hours

Iam happy that I regained my vision. Iam very thankful to HelpAge India and Lions Club of Hyderabad Sadhuram Eye Hospital.

-Vatele Mallamma