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Know about Oculoplasty
Oculoplasty means plastic surgery of the various structures of the eye. There can be many cosmetic and functional problems around the eye.

Symptoms of Oculoplasty:
  • Droopy Eyelids Or Eyebrows
  • Eyelids flips In Or Out
  • Excessive watering of eyes
  • Growths Or Tumors
  • Uncontrollable rapid eye blinking
  • Thyroid Imbalance
  • Paralysis affecting the face
  • Loss of Eye due to injury or infection wherein artificial eye fitting is needed, to improve appearance.


Oculoplasty surgery is the cosmetic, corrective, and reconstructive surgery of the eye. It manages and repairs problems primarily related to the tissues or structures surrounding the eye, rather than the eyeball itself. These structures include the eyelids, the tear ducts, and the orbit (bony socket surrounding the eye).

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