Sadhuram Eye Hospital


1) Proposed Vision Centres:

We are actively endeavouring to establish Four Vision Centres in Four Corners of Hyderabad to provide basic eye check-up and eye care facilities.

2) Helping Hands to the Needy:

Apart from Camps all Walk-in White Ration Card Holders, Poor and needy patients are extended free eye examinations followed by Cataract Surgery where ever necessary.

3) Out Reach Programme:

We conduct Eye Camps in the slums and rural areas where the patients are screened for Cataracts and brought to the Hospital for free operations, in our Mobile Ophthalmic Units. They are provided food and stay for three days, operated on the second day and then sent back to their respective places without any charges. After six weeks they are provided free spectacles. The whole process is provided free of cost to the Camp patients.

We conduct regular Eye camps independently and also with many organizations like Lions Clubs, Rotary Clubs, Help Age, Jain Bandhu Trust, M.K.Khan Trust, Millat Foundation, GMR Foundation, SBI, ICICI, Steel authority of India, Cement Corporation of India, Singh Gurudwara, Sindhi Gurudwara, and many other organizations.

4) Sight For Kids Programme (SFK):

The hospital in association with Lions International Sight for kids Programme (SFK) has been conducting school screening camps and helping children by rehabilitating those children having uncorrected refractive errors by providing appropriate correction through glasses. Those with other diseases are referred to the base hospital and treated free of cost.

Apart from SFK, we examine and check up school going children in an environment that they are familiar with, in their own schools. This helps detecting eye problems at an early stage, ensuring good and clear vision for the future.

5) Sponsored cataract surgeries:

Under the scheme three basic Cataract Surgery are performed for the deserving patients. Donation can be made in Rs.3,000/- (Rupees Three Thousand) or multiple thereof.

There is also a provision that, the donor can ask for the surgeries to be performed on a particular day, which may be important to him/her.

Income Tax Exemption Certificate under Sec 80(G) will be provided, which can help the donor to claim exemption from Income Tax.

6) Annadanam:

We provide free food to the camp patients. You can participate in this effort by Donating a sum of Rs.12,000/- (Rupees Twelve Thousand only), which will cater to the expenses for One month. The name of the Donor will be displayed in General Wards as a sponsored.

Sadhuram Eye Hospital