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A squint is a binocular vision problem that is associated with the imbalance of muscles. It is the misalignment of the eyes that is being turned inwards, outwards, up or down not looking in the same direction. Untreated Squints can lead to loss of vision in the squinting eye and should always be assessed. This may occur at any age and commonly occurs when someone is longsighted. The sight of the squinting eye may be permanently lost, if the treatment is delayed.

Symptoms of and causes of Squint:

There are various different types of squint, depending on the direction followed by the gaze of the affected eye:
Convergent squint - the abnormal eye gazes inwards
Divergent squint - the affected eye looks outwards towards the corner of the eye
Vertical squint - the eye gazes up or down
Other symptoms may include poor vision, blurred or double vision in the affected eye, which you may try to deal with by spontaneously covering or closing the affected eye.


The treatment of squint is to repair vision, set straight the eyes, re-establish binocular sight. The treatment depends on the type of squint. Doctors advise glasses to wear regularly in order to correct any refractive error, if present. Sometime doctors go for surgery to correct the appearance of the squint and may help to re-establish binocular vision. In lots of cases, an operation is suggested to construct the eyes as straight as possible.


This is an Ophthalmic Instrument, used for diagnosing imbalance of eye muscles and treating them by orthoptic methods. All the standard measurements and treatments are possible on this instrument including assessment of the angle alpha, the objective angle, abnormal retina correspondence, cyclophoria, hyperphoria and horizontal vertical vergences.


It is a binocular vision assessment test, which makes surgeons to find out accurate measurement in each direction of gaze. Results plotted in Hess screen allows our doctors to diagnose, which muscle is affected. Built in database allows results to be archived for future reference.

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